1. Wide Majestic Aire
    Trembling Bells

  2. Ask The Unicorn
    Ed Askew

  3. ZelienOpal
    Zelienople / Opal Onyx

  4. Quiet Energies
    Evening Hymns

  5. Dear Janet
    Various Artists

  6. The Sovereign Self
    Trembling Bells

  7. Waiting or Flying
    Superheroes Dream

  8. I Am A Stick
    Baby Dee

  9. Hallelujah / Wah Wah
    Trembling Bells

  10. Rosy Maze
    Marker Starling

  11. Perfect Abandon
    Tom Brosseau

  12. Roll Along With Me
    Tom Brosseau

  13. On Sunset
    Nicholas Krgovich

    John Southworth

  15. Delta Sands
    Opal Onyx

  16. Collar

  17. New Trip on the Old Wine / Lay It Down
    Trembling Bells & Bonnie "Prince" Billy

  18. A Wake
    Two Wings

  19. ...Plays The Stephen Parkinson Songbook
    The Ryan Driver Quintet

  20. The Big Bumble Bees
    The Big Bumble Bees

  21. Grass Punks
    Tom Brosseau

  22. Tiles EP

  23. Keresley
    Doug Tielli

  24. Colours
    Devon Sproule & Mike O'Neill

  25. For the World
    Ed Askew

  26. I Guarantee You a Good Time (single)
    Marker Starling

  27. Spectral Dusk
    Evening Hymns

  28. Barnswallow
    Charlie Parr

  29. State Of Grace
    Little Annie & Baby Dee

  30. Mean Sun

  31. Düde

  32. Love's Spring
    Two Wings

  33. Swan Sky Sea Squirrel
    Doug Tielli

  34. Cheap Wine
    Charlie Parr

  35. ...Goes Down To Amsterdam
    Baby Dee

  36. The Big Shitty
    Paul Curreri

  37. The Greenhorns
    Paul Curreri

  38. Cool Cruel Mouth

  39. I Love You, Go Easy
    Devon Sproule

  40. Teeth + Teeth = Teeths
    Trumpets of Death

  41. Drama Queen
    ( r )

  42. Live In London
    Devon Sproule

  43. Magnetic Skyline
    Corinne West & Kelly Joe Phelps

  44. Milking Scarabs for Dough
    Black Carrot

  45. Monody

  46. A Book Of Songs For Anne Marie
    Baby Dee

  47. California
    Paul Curreri

  48. ¡Don't Hurry For Heaven!
    Devon Sproule

  49. Drink the Black Forest
    Black Carrot

  50. Polar Bear
    Polar Bear

  51. The New Pop Sound Of...

  52. The Velvet Rut
    Paul Curreri

  53. Keep Your Silver Shined
    Devon Sproule


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